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Discover Key West from above with our Helicopter Tours!

Fly from Miami to Key West and Save!

Please note:

We’re not a charter service, just a sightseeing tour company. You can buy tickets for Key West tours on our site, but for chartering, we recommend HMC Helicopters in Miami.

Explore Key West from the sky!

30-Minute Ultimate Key West Island Experience

BOOK NOW for $229 per person

Enjoy the Sunset!

30-Minute Sunset Celebration Key West Helicopter Tour

BOOK NOW for $275 per person

Spot Marine Life!

20-Minute Key West Eco Helicopter Tour

BOOK NOW for $169 per person

Experience luxury and adventure!

A helicopter ride from Miami to Key West offers stunning aerial views. See turquoise waters, tropical landscapes, and iconic landmarks like the “Southernmost Point” buoy. Book your tour now for an unforgettable journey!

Why choose a helicopter ride?


Enjoy spectacular views of Miami and the Keys, including mesmerizing blue waters and possibly dolphins swimming alongside. Our experienced pilots ensure a safe yet thrilling experience. Don’t miss this unique opportunity—book your trip now!

Book your Key West helicopter tour today!

Experience Key West’s vibrant culture and charm from above. Don’t miss this chance to see Key West like never before. Book now and let the adventure begin!

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